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Shipwrecks of the Pacific


Welcome to the Shipwrecks site for the Pacific region. This site is for professionals with a related interest in Shipwrecks. Persons and organizations that are typically successful in obtaining membership are; Researchers, Salvors, Underwater archaeologists, Commercial Underwater endeavours.

This site is not intended for public and amateur use and is exclusively by invitation only.

All members are expected to contribute on a regular basis, those not doing so will have accounts removed.

Members will be approved on a case by case basis, processing of new members is done once per month.

The site is new on the web having commenced in May 2011. Ownership of the site will be turned over to a member appointed panel once membership exceeds 1000 (rules of association to be built by the members). The pioneer member (see contacts) wishes suitable persons to have website access to Shipwreck information and resources not currently available BUT do so in a secure and controlled manner.

The site has extensive resources, where possible these are available online. Funding to update and improve these resources is provided by members annual fees, research fee's and project specific technical support arranged though the site.

Upon registering and approval members will be able to access;

  • An extensive Shipwreck database focused on the Pacific Region

  • Peer review and/or purchase of Technical reports produced by members

  • Forums for discussions on shipwrecks

  • Contact members offering specialist services, legal, Govt, Salvors, etc

  • Library materials inclusive of book loans, videos, images

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter

  • Up coming events

We welcome new members and look forward to hearing from interested parties.

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